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it takes a soldier a DIPG/childhood cancer foundation

Other Helpful Sites/Groups

This group is a huge help for someone just starting out on this journey of Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG as we call it in our childhood brain tumor community. My experience with Aimee as well as the others who have walked this path can offer new hope to new parents that unfortunately, are just starting this journey.  


The group is an online support group that offers something for everyone. There are weekly chats in an open or private forum. In this forum parents can chat with other parents who have also walked this path.  

Also try these other sites: 

National Groups

Arts For Charlie

Kids Cancer Fight

Team Jacob! 
Andrew McDonough B+ foundation
The Cristian Rivera Foundation
Get Well Gabby Organization 
Art for Charlie Creativity for a cause
American Childhood Cancer Organization
Childhood Cancer Organizations/Ped-Onc Resource Center
Christians Overcoming Cancer
Mesothelioma Center: a comprehensive web-site featuring information about
asbestos-related diseases and mesothelioma cancer, yes this effect children
Mesothelioma Guide: 
Mesothelioma Specialist 
International group
 Angel Bus (ground transportation)
Medications have many side effects that can be more harmful then the actual disease itself... When prescribed a medication please vist to learn more about that medication.


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