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it takes a soldier a DIPG/childhood cancer foundation





Aimee’s Army is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit, who’s mission is for education, research and family support for childhood cancer.

It was Aimee’s dream and desire to raise awareness and educate the community into the devastation of all childhood cancers. In the hopes, by doing so, funds will be raised for much needed research, which will lead to a cure, and offer hope for children. She felt that finding a cause, and away to prevent it was key to finding the cure. So we focus more into a way to prevent it from happening, as well as coming up with away for early detection. In the hopes that no parent will ever have to hear your child has cancer and there is NOTHING we can do. Together we can make a difference. Let us all be soldiers in this fight. Be a child’s voice today so they will have a future tomorrow.




Aimee choose a rabbit as her logo since they are her favorite. Going with the Army theme Aimee and her sister Jennifer came up with the rabbit wearing a camouflage jacket of GOLD (childhood cancer) GRAY (brain tumors) LAVENDER (all cancer) They decided to add “it takes a soldier” since she was in the battle of her life. 

Rabbit Logo designed by good friend Tanya Wayman.  



About Aimee……she was a normal active young lady who enjoyed go-kart racing, cheer-leading, crafts, reading and writing stories. She loved animals, and wanted to save them all. Most of all she loved her family and spending time with them. Aimee was diagnosed on 09/27/07 with a rare and very deadly brain tumor called Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) which is inoperable due to the location in the center of the brain stem. Aimee was 100% aware of what her out-come from this disease would be. That didn’t stop her from building her foundation in the hopes that no parent will ever have to the hear, “your child has cancer and there is NOTIHNG we can do".

Children with DIPG once diagnosed battle between 6-18 months. There is less then 1% chance of a 5 year survival. There is very little to no research for DIPG which is just one form a brain tumor that effects children today.

Aimee lost her 14 month battle on 12/12/08, at the age of 12.


Aimee decided that since she wants to raise awareness about childhood cancer then the ribbons should look like children. She came up with a design of ribbon children in the colors of childhood cancer. And a slogan to with it.


 “A ribbon is just a ribbon without a face, add pig-tails and a baseball cap and it becomes a child”

Aimee Dickey forever 12



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