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it takes a soldier a DIPG/childhood cancer foundation

Alternative Treatments

Aimee believed that you can't find a cure for any disease until you find the underlying cause. She also felt that no child should ever have to suffer, due to a disease as she had, or from the treatments in order to reach that cure... Her primary goal was to stop it before it happened, by searching for the possible causes. Which would then lead to more answers as to how best to survive..

We are proud to offer, new hope that begins with healthy living. Aimee chose to use homeopathic and holistic remedies after being told point blank that chemo would do nothing more for her then make her violently ill...So, she opt out and said I'd rather die hugging my mother then the toilet, keep your drugs.

We have partnered with Denise Abda from Wellness & Well-being from the inside out. Please contact me directly [email protected] if you would like more information about living healthy and healing from within. The course for healthy living is based 100% off your own personal DNA genetic profile. Medicine is not a one size fits all.  

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